"At Vidant, we’ve really set out on that mission to be the best provider of rural health care we can be."

"Vidant is a teaching hospital so you will get solid health care there with a strong foundation. Vidant in turn takes care of their nurses."

"You've got to love what you do. If you're in the right environment and you're surrounded by people putting forth effort, that's what makes it all work."

“In an ambulance, all the way there—would his head have moved? Would his neck have moved? I’m very fortunate that Vidant Medical Center had the ability to reach out with a helicopter and take him where he needed to be.”

“I knew I was going to come back when I left. I felt that this is a very unique environment. I think it’s unusual to find an academic atmosphere that has a community feel to it—associated with a major university. And I wanted my kids to grow up here.”

“With my neighbors and friends being part of the Vidant Health family, you feel a part of them—you’re not a face that no one knows.”

"We care about the people we care for."

“People are here to support you and to help you succeed—everyone from the staff to the attendings. And the administration, too.”

“No matter what you do at Vidant—they notice what you have. They see the potential. They don’t have any problem pulling that out of you and making you a better person.”

"We can’t change the past, but we can change the future.”

"Vidant provides an environment where everyone is striving to be the best version of their professional self."

“The hospital has such an amazing stamp on this community.”

“It’s a place that, once you come, you get hooked.”

“It’s an atmosphere of caring and dedication to our employees.”

“It’s been almost 10 years; I love what I do.”

“We pass by ‘remarkable’ here every day.”

“At Vidant Edgecombe there’s love, care for each other and a family atmosphere.”

“Recognition really gives people that shot in the arm.”

“It’s an intimate time in a family’s life, and to be involved in that is a great honor.”

“Making world-class care available in the region, that’s what we’re all about.”

“It’s just like being part of a small community of its own, once you get to know the patients and their families.”

"Everyone is willing to help and happy to do it."

“I feel honored to be here. It’s a great family.”