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Spotlight on Excellence - Recognition

“We pass by ‘remarkable’ here every day.”

Recognizing Excellence

     When you’re surrounded by nurses and physicians who make it their mission to provide unmatched patient care day in and day out, that level of incredible service can sometimes feel like business as usual.

      “It’s one thing to work in a culture of excellence. It’s another thing to also recognize that excellence,” says Jay Briley, president of Vidant Duplin Hospital. “We’ve come to expect that level of clinical drive and sophistication, and we have to remember that is what we’re providing.”

     Vidant Duplin team members are often recognized for the critical thinking skills they use to solve difficult challenges. There are also many moments in which team members band together to tackle a particularly critical challenge. Briley notes an incident in which quick thinking by a nurse literally saved the life of a newborn. “We spend time recognizing that level of expertise when those unique circumstances occur,” he says.

     One example of the “remarkable” that fills the halls of Vidant Duplin, Briley notes, is Heather Wells. As a registered nurse in the Emergency Department (ED) and an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) liaison, Wells’ passion for her community has been the driving force behind her efforts to bridge the gap between EMS and the hospital since 2012. “Heather is an ideal example of a compassionate caregiver. She understands partnerships outside of the organization that improve community care. Heather is perpetually positive and doesn't get rattled. She can face any challenge and keeps the broader team moving forward,” Briley says.

     Another way Vidant Duplin recognizes the excellence that is so vital to the identity of the hospital is by way of a “Caught Caring Card.” Boxes are positioned throughout the hospital and anyone can recognize a staff member who has displayed behavior that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Those cards are then shared in meetings to shine a light on that staff member’s exemplary service. “We pass by ‘remarkable’ every day here. It’s important for us to recognize that,” Briley says.

     The “Caught Caring Cards” are a particular point of motivation for Wells and her colleagues in the ED, though not just for personal recognition. Wells says learning about the exceptional care others in the hospital are providing is a great source of pride for her. “We enjoy those cards because we’re able to hear about what we may not see. It’s a very busy environment. Sometimes we’re not able to see what our coworkers are doing to make our patients feel respected and making sure that they’re taken care of,” Wells says. This recognition adds a level of motivation that helps her continue to strive for the standard of patient care she expects of herself, and that Vidant Duplin expects hospital-wide.

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