The high-tech health care system of tomorrow.

Technology is transforming health care as we know it. But at Vidant Health, we’re not struggling to keep up—just the opposite. We’re driving change, embracing new technologies at every turn and innovating services to help us expand our network of care and better support the patients and communities of eastern North Carolina. 

Ensuring system-wide performance

Technology can improve the efficiency of any health care system, but for us, it’s not enough to do things better and faster than before. When you’re committed to a higher standard of care as we are, it’s about engineering system-wide performance across our many facilities.

Early adopters of records reform

Health care IT has forever changed the way patient information is collected, stored and retrieved. That’s why we were eager to implement Epic, a leading EHR (electronic health record) system. This integrated clinical and financial system allows any Vidant Health provider to access a patient’s record instantly and securely from our comprehensive database.

Expanding access through telemedicine

Every community in eastern North Carolina should have access to quality, 24-7 care—and with telemedicine, it’s finally possible. State-of-the-art telecommunications equipment connects patients and providers at our most rural facilities with other professionals at Vidant Medical Center and the Brody School of Medicine—for immediate observation and consultation. Telemedicine keeps patients close to home and offers tremendous possibilities in a region as large as eastern North Carolina.

We want to exemplify the health care system of the future—and we’re off to a great start.

Explore some of the groundbreaking technologies and services we’re known for:

Hybrid operating room
East Carolina Heart Institute at Vidant Medical Center features a new hybrid operating room equipped with “C-arm” technology. This sophisticated imaging system, which provides 3-D pictures around a patient’s entire body, allows cardiologists and surgeons to perform minimally invasive cardiac and vascular procedures with greater precision than ever before.

Rehabilitative robotic technology
Patients with a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury or neurological illness no longer have to travel out of state for leading-edge rehabilitation. Since 2012, the rehabilitation center at Vidant Medical Center has offered Lokomat, an advanced robot-assisted walking therapy that includes specialized equipment for our youngest patients.

North Carolina’s first robotic lung resection
In 2010, Dr. Sharon Ben-Or, a thoracic surgeon and assistant professor of cardiovascular sciences at the Brody School of Medicine, performed North Carolina’s first robotic lung resection at Vidant Medical Center. With 3-D movement and superior visualization capabilities inside the lung, this minimally invasive procedure allows for more complex resections while minimizing pain and decreasing post-operative care.