Employee Story

Prigett Higgs

Lift Team Lead

“No matter what you do at Vidant—they notice what you have. They see the potential. They don’t have any problem pulling that out of you and making you a better person.”

Putting patients first.

It’s not enough for Prigett Higgs to help make patients feel good when he’s on the clock. He also comes in on his days off and cuts patients’ hair as a volunteer. Yet another stunning example of a Vidant Health employee who truly goes above and beyond when it comes to putting patients first.

Lifting patients physically and emotionally.

Stuck in a dead-end warehouse job, Higgs knew he wasn’t making use of his natural talents: interacting with people and bringing them joy. So when a friend called and told him about the Lift Team he was putting together at Vidant Medical Center, Higgs saw an opportunity to pursue a more fulfilling career path. As part of the Lift Team, Higgs would check on patients every two hours and reposition them, primarily to promote skin wellness. But for Higgs, visiting and bonding with patients and their families was the best part of the job.

“Vidant makes you feel like you’re important.”

In less than three years, Higgs advanced to team lead, in large part because of Vidant Health’s culture of education and support. “Vidant really supports whatever you’re trying to do,” says Higgs, who notes that many Lift Team members have gone on to become nurses or work in other areas of health care. For Higgs, the ultimate payoff is putting a smile on someone’s face. If he can do that, he says, “I did something good for that day.”

“I love what I do at Vidant Medical Center.”

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