Neighbor Story

Mark Woodson


“With my neighbors and friends being part of the Vidant Health family, you feel a part of them—you’re not a face that no one knows.”

Neighbor to neighbor.

Does eastern North Carolina have the best barbecue? Mark Woodson has something to say about that—plus a few tips on what to see and do. Longtime residents like Woodson are happy to give you the scoop on what makes this area special—and how Vidant Health plays such a positive role in the community.

Great place, great people

When Woodson and his family first came to Greenville, they didn’t know much about Vidant Health system—but access to the best health care was important to them, and they were impressed by what Vidant Medical Center had to offer. Still, it takes more than a great hospital to make someone want to put down roots in a region. “It’s the people,” Woodson says. “The way the people embrace you. The way the people communicate with each other across the community.”

Proactive and personally invested

Woodson is similarly impressed with Vidant Health’s community outreach efforts. A former radio operator, Woodson worked with Vidant Health professionals for years to help raise awareness about key health issues—from diabetes to heart disease—by featuring Vidant Health experts on the radio. “Vidant brings a lot of top-level people here with a lot of expertise in different areas,” says Woodson. Together they also made sure residents knew about upcoming health fairs, workshops and more. So how does Vidant Health rate as a neighbor? According to Woodson, as good as they come. 

“One thing I like about eastern North Carolina is the small-town atmosphere. And also those day trips you can take with your family and your friends.”

“If you pay attention to what’s happening in the community, you’ll find there are opportunities for everyone here in the Greenville area.”

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