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Leeann and Lucas Moore

Patients & Caregivers

“In an ambulance, all the way there—would his head have moved? Would his neck have moved? I’m very fortunate that Vidant Medical Center had the ability to reach out with a helicopter and take him where he needed to be.”

She knew something was wrong.

After the car accident, Lucas Moore’s vitals were fine—but Lucas’s mom knew something was very wrong. Then the seizures started. The doctors at the general hospital intubated Lucas and contacted Vidant Medical Center, which immediately dispatched a Life-Flight helicopter. Ten minutes later, Lucas was in the capable hands of a Vidant Medical Center trauma doctor.

From surgery to rehabilitation

The MRI revealed a terrifying diagnosis: internal decapitation. The emergency surgery—which included placing some of Lucas’s hipbone in his neck—was a success. But Lucas still faced a long and challenging recovery process at Vidant Medical Center’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

The epitome of patient-friendly

Vidant Health’s patient-friendly, family-friendly atmosphere made it possible for Moore to stay by her son’s side throughout the entire ordeal. “It was just so many people doing so many things for us, it’s really overwhelming,” says Moore. “And you feel like you’re not worthy.” Along with the outpouring of support she received from her community, Moore recalls how Vidant Health professionals went the extra mile to make the experience as positive as possible. “It’s the stuff they don’t have to do—and they do it, and it makes a huge difference,” says Moore. Lucas went from being paralyzed on his right side to coming home with a walker—and now it’s back to baseball practice for this brave little boy.

“The best thing about living in a small town is that you know everybody and everybody knows you—so if you need help, they’re there.”

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