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Spotlight on Excellence - Recognition

“Recognition really gives people that shot in the arm.”

Recognizing Excellence

     Nursing is a demanding job. Excellent patient care requires an abundance of physical, emotional and mental energy. In Joan Wynn’s world of home health and hospice care, a special reserve of compassion and the ability to form close relationships with patients’ families are also required. Stepping into patients’ lives and homes during some of their most difficult times is a calling that demands a great deal from nurses. Acknowledging and celebrating their dedication and hard work often gives them the energy to continue providing excellent patient care.

     As a nurse, and now president of Vidant Health’s Home Health and Hospice division, Wynn knows how it feels to receive recognition for the incredibly difficult, but rewarding, work done by nurses. “It’s always great to get that pat on the back from your leaders and from the system, to know that you’re recognized and that you’re valued,” she says. In order to see firsthand the excellent care Vidant Home Health and Hospice nurses give their patients, leadership team members sometimes ride along to patients’ homes. They report on the exceptional care the nurses provide and that information is shared with the entire system.

     Catherine Richardson is a nurse who Wynn says exhibits both the mental and technical skills of an excellent nurse. She possesses the caring and compassionate approach required to work in home health and hospice. Richardson—who has been with Vidant for 14 years, six of those spent in home health—views her work as more than just a profession. It’s a calling, and she appreciates that Vidant values passion and dedication among its workforce. “Vidant does a good job with that. There are notes that come from supervisors, and from patients. Sometimes those get read at conferences. It makes you feel good, makes you feel appreciated. Vidant is very good at recognizing all the hard work that you’ve put in,” Richardson reports.

     That recognition for great work in a difficult job includes everything from encouraging cards and a pat on the back from colleagues to pay raises. “Recognition really gives people that shot in the arm to continue, to take on the next challenge, and always give your best,” Wynn says.

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