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Spotlight on Excellence - Retention

“At Vidant Edgecombe there’s love, care for each other and a family atmosphere.”

Retaining Excellence

     “This is noble work,” Wick Baker declares. “We get to touch people’s hearts.” As president of Vidant Edgecombe Hospital, Baker describes an environment that truly transforms patients’ lives and enriches the lives of the staff. Baker recalls working in other systems where it wasn’t always easy to reach the high standards of care that were expected. Vidant Health, however, equips him and his staff to provide excellent care to the community, something he loves about working here. “Being part of Vidant, we have the resources to do the things that need to be done in our communities,” he says.

     Having the necessary tools to effectively care for the community is just one reason Baker is proud to be a part of Vidant Health. Another critical component of his commitment to Vidant is its focus on people. Vidant Edgecombe has an employee experience team, whose job is to ensure the hospital remains a great place to work, through hosting events like children’s Christmas parties, and opportunities to recognize outstanding achievements in the life of the hospital. “We’ve got a number of long-term employees. When people come here they find a home. I think there’s a family approach here; there’s a friendliness and a commitment to the mission,” he reflects.

     Among those long-term employees is Ernestine Dancy. “She has been a constant force here at Vidant. She personifies all the values that we talk about. She always steps forward,” Baker notes. A member of the Vidant family for nearly 40 years, she exemplifies the tireless commitment to the community that Baker says makes Vidant such an incredible place to serve.

     As a Christian minister, Dancy attributes her commitment to others to a higher calling to serve. “We are called to help whoever, whenever. You always put others in front of yourself if you can,” she says. Her love of serving her community makes her appreciate Vidant Edgecombe even more, as it gives people the opportunity to receive treatment close to home.

     Dancy, like Baker, credits the focus on people with keeping her rooted at Vidant for 38 years. That tireless commitment to people, whether patients or staff, resonates with her. “At Vidant Edgecombe, there’s stability, love, care for each other and a family atmosphere,” she says.

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