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Vidant Bertie Hospital - A medical Technologist's Story

Spotlight on Excellence - Retention

“It’s an atmosphere of caring and dedication to our employees.”

Retaining Excellence

     Jeff Sackrison, president of Vidant Bertie and Vidant Chowan hospitals, takes pride in the culture that has been built at Vidant Health. It’s a culture of respect.

     “It’s an atmosphere of very friendly, family-oriented hospitals, where the leadership knows you and cares about you, where they ask how your kids are doing. It’s an atmosphere of caring and dedication to our employees,” Sackrison says.

     In his 13 years at Vidant, he’s served as the president of the Bertie and Chowan hospitals, as a chief information officer, and as the interim president of The Outer Banks Hospital. During this time, Sackrison has experienced firsthand the way Vidant hospitals operate as tight-knit, personal, and professional communities. That environment has kept him rooted at Vidant. “It’s the family atmosphere of the organization. I enjoy the hospitals that I run. I enjoy the town that I live in, and I really have a strong tie with my team. We all have the same goal in mind: to provide outstanding patient care and experience to our patients and to the community,” he says.

     Mike Chuba, a medical technologist at Vidant Bertie, echoes that sentiment. “Vidant is a great place where they put patients first; I’m very happy to be there,” he says. “It’s been a great fit personally and professionally.”

     Many hospitals promote putting patients first, Chuba notes. The difference here, is Vidant actually follows that philosophy. A dedication to providing excellent patient care inspires Chuba, who has worked at the hospital for 11 years. An environment that fosters deep personal and professional relationships, marked by selfless cooperation, makes him look forward to each new day. Chuba sees a great sense of camaraderie at Vidant. When other team members are busy, Chuba steps in and helps them. And they do the same for him.

     Sackrison is quick to note that a passion for patient bedside care can lead to a fantastic career at Vidant. Depending on personal goals, he says, there are also excellent opportunities for advancement into management and supervisory roles in the hospitals, as well as the home health or physician practice areas. With 24 years of Vidant service between them, Sackrison and Chuba agree this is an environment in which long-lasting, fulfilling careers can be built, and deep personal and professional relationships thrive.

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