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Vidant Beaufort Hospital - A Nurse's Story

Spotlight on Excellence - Recruitment

“It’s a place that, once you come, you get hooked.”

Recruiting Excellence

     The people who make Vidant Beaufort function are unique. Harvey Case, president of Vidant Beaufort, notes that the people his hospital attracts are a special breed. “We’re looking for employees who want to serve other folks. It’s important to have a mentality that you want to serve, you want to be there for people. We want to hire ‘people’ people.”

     One of those people is Janiece Caceres, a new hire who Case says fits the bill of a patient-centered caregiver perfectly. Part of the Vidant family since February 2016, her attitude toward her patients echoes Vidant Beaufort’s mission.

     “The part of my job that brings me most joy is the trust in patient’s eyes when they walk in the hospital to receive care, and the satisfaction with the treatment after they leave our care,” Caceres states. Her passion for patients is precisely what Vidant hospitals are searching for in new staff members.

     As a new graduate in the nursing field, Caceres participated in a unique one-year program at Vidant Beaufort, which allowed her to explore several different units across the hospital, before choosing a home in the emergency department. “It’s a really fantastic program; it’s one of the main reasons I chose Vidant. They give you a broad base to build your skills. It’s a great team that offers growth, and they don’t just throw you to the wolves. When they bring you in, they bring you in like a family member,” she says.

     Case believes there’s a long list of reasons that draw people to his community. “It’s a beautiful area,” he says. “It’s a beautiful waterfront community, it’s a very active community. In the summer months, there are cycling events that come through the park, and draw people from all over. It’s a place that, once you come, you get hooked.”

     Case also counts many reasons that explain why people come to work at Vidant Beaufort. One of those reasons is respect for employees’ work-life balance. “Work-life balance is important,” Case maintains. “We’re a family here, but we also know that you have a family at home. If you don’t do a good job in that area, you eventually suffer at work. We encourage that. We understand that there is life outside of the hospital as well,” he says.

     When employees at Vidant Beaufort have important events to attend in their lives, they’re encouraged to attend. Case believes there’s enough time to do great work and enjoy the important moments in life.

      For Janiece Caceres, that makes all the difference.

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