Question: Typically, how many fellows are chosen each year for the fellowship program?
Answer: On average, 2 to 3 individuals are chosen for the fellowship program.

Question: Is the Vidant Medical Center fellowship program a rotation-based or project-based program?
Answer: The fellowship program is a project-driven program. All projects should support the mission of Vidant Health, address a strategic and/or operational area of concern and provide the fellow with practical experience. There should be a balance between preceptor-assigned and fellow-selected projects.

Question: How are fellows matched with preceptors?
Answer: Fellows are paired with preceptors prior to the fellowship beginning. Fellows are placed with SVPs where there is a need. Fellows have the opportunity to work in other divisions throughout the hospital during the program.

Question: Is past health care experience required to be selected as a fellow candidate?
Answer: Past experience is not a requirement, but we prefer for candidates to have past internships and work experience. We seek diverse candidates with diverse backgrounds.

Question: What types of career opportunities are available for fellows post-residency?
Answer: : Employment is not guaranteed post-fellowship, but many past residents/fellows have been successful in obtaining permanent roles within Vidant Medical Center or Vidant Health.

Question: What types of professional conferences are available as a fellow?
Answer: There are a variety of professional health care associations and organizations throughout the country. Fellows have the opportunity to attend one educational conference that is hosted by a professional health care association. Past conferences attended include conferences hosted by the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE).