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About Vidant Health

Vidant Health is a regional health system serving 29 counties in eastern North Carolina. We are working every day to improve the health of the 1.4 million people we serve. Vidant Health is made up of 8 hospitals, physician practices, home health, hospice, wellness centers and other health care services. Vidant Medical Center is affiliated with the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. As a major resource for health services and education, Vidant Health strives to support local medical communities and to work with providers throughout the region to deliver quality care. Our goal is to enhance services that are available locally and to eliminate barriers involving time, distance and lack of awareness that sometimes prevent patients from receiving the care they need.

Position Summary

  • Follow ethical codes, including the interpreter's code of ethics and those that protect the confidentiality of information.
  • Interpret messages in the appropriate mode into specified languages, maintaining and mediating message content, context, and style in accordance with professional standards. Identify and resolve conflicts related to the meanings of words, concepts, practices, values or behaviors. 
  • Act as a clarifier and a cultural broker within each encounter.
  • Advocate for LEP patients and families.  Assist them as they navigate the healthcare system.
  • Refer to reference materials, such as dictionaries, lexicons, encyclopedias, and computerized terminology banks, as needed to ensure interpretation and translation accuracy. 
  • Compile terminology and information to be used in interpretations and translations, including technical terms such as those for medical material.


  • Convey meaning accurately and completely between patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) or other communication barriers, their families, and health care providers. 
  • Monitor patient, family, and provider comprehension of information, events, and the environment. 
  • Detect problems or changes in circumstances or events. Identify and gather healthcare and/or situational background information or resources relevant to each encounter.  Be knowledgeable of relevant sources of information. 
  • Be able to establish expertise in the eyes of the patient and provider and project information with confidence.
  • Communicate effectively with supervisors, co-workers, and health care providers by telephone, in written form, e-mail, pager, or in person. 
  • Communicate with people outside the organization, representing the organization to patients and families, the public, and other external sources in person, in writing, or by telephone or e-mail.
  • Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, and maintain them over time.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to think critically under pressure. 
  • Prioritize and accomplish work. 
  • Think creatively to ensure positive patient outcomes. 
  • Make decisions and solve problems related to patient care as they arise.
  • Continuously improve knowledge base of relevant subject matters and interpreting skills and apply new knowledge and skills to job.
  • Handle complaints, settle disputes, and resolve grievances and conflicts within the encounter.
  • Deal directly with the public. This includes serving outlying clinics, interaction with the public via telephone, interaction with external agencies.Use technology, computers and computer systems (including hardware and software), telephones, and pagers to enter data or process information.
  • Project empathy and compassion to patients or families with the assistance of staff chaplains, community clergy, psychologists, psychiatrists and other therapists. 
  • Treat patients, families, and providers with respect, patience, tolerance, friendliness and courteousness.

Minimum Requirements

  • College Degree (4 yrs): Either foreign language education (major or minor) in an English speaking country or non-language education in a non-English speaking country.
  • Must demonstrate language proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in primary and secondary languages equivalent to the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) skill level 3 or higher or the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) oral and written Advanced-High level.
  • Interpretation proficiency at level 3 (ILR) and translation proficiency at level 2 (ILR) or greater strongly preferred.
  • Interpreter training (such as Bridging the Gap, AHEC interpreter training, or equivalent interpreter training program) is strongly preferred.
  • Education and/or work experience in candidate's non-native country is preferred.
  • National Certification as a Certified Medical Interpreter or Certified Healthcare Interpreter is preferred.
  • Two or more years of interpreting or other professional work experience that required daily interaction in primary and secondary languages.
  • Substitutions for required experience may include: 1) national certification as a Certified Medical Interpreter or Certified Healthcare Interpreter, or 2) successful completion of a minimum of 40 hours of reputable interpreter training (i.e. "Bridging the Gap" or a similar program).  Acceptability of interpreter training is subject to approval by hiring supervisor.
  • OR
  • Substitutions for required education may include four or more years of work experience as a healthcare interpreter in an acute care hospital setting.

General Statement

It is the goal of Vidant Health and its entities to employ the most qualified individual who best matches the requirements for the vacant position.

Offers of employment are subject to successful completion of all pre-employment screenings, which may include an occupational health screening, criminal record check, education, reference, and licensure verification.

We value diversity and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.   Decisions of employment are made based on business needs, job requirements and applicant’s qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, genetic information and testing, family and medical leave, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or any other status protected by law. We prohibit retaliation against individuals who bring forth any complaint, orally or in writing, to the employer, or against any individuals who assist or participate in the investigation of any complaint.

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