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Vidant Health

About Vidant Health

Vidant Health is a regional health system serving 29 counties in eastern North Carolina. We are working every day to improve the health of the 1.4 million people we serve. Vidant Health is made up of 8 hospitals, physician practices, home health, hospice, wellness centers and other health care services. Vidant Medical Center is affiliated with the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. As a major resource for health services and education, Vidant Health strives to support local medical communities and to work with providers throughout the region to deliver quality care. Our goal is to enhance services that are available locally and to eliminate barriers involving time, distance and lack of awareness that sometimes prevent patients from receiving the care they need.

Position Summary

Responsibility, accountability and decision-making authority for facilitating the implementation of systems, programs and strategic initiatives that advance the marketing function.  Provides input for the function goals and strategies. Develops and aligns strategies, initiatives, supporting infrastructure, and budgets that enable the marketing function to achieve results that align with established goals to create and sustain operational excellence.  Communicates department objectives to staff to ensure understanding of goals and their alignment. Oversees department initiatives and operations, including staff, budget, and vendor management. Measures effectiveness and takes steps to ensure continuous improvement of department performance. Facilitates change to advance the organization and uses resources and operational practices to drive execution of plans.  Accountable for a positive organizational culture in decision making and performance management to influence culture and engagement.  Member of entity management teams and functions as a key liaison between the leadership teams, staff and physician partners of the health care system and programs.



  • Directs all aspects of marketing execution to support Vidant Health's overall marketing strategy.
  • Works in partnership with organization leadership to establish and accomplish key organizational marketing goals and objectives, and measures activities and outcomes.
  • Responsible for the development, integration, and implementation of a broad range of marketing activities and marketing automation relative to the strategic direction and positioning of the organization and its leadership. The ultimate goal is to advance the organization's position with relevant constituents, as well as to drive broader awareness, and build brand equity to support the organization.
  • Works with the organization leadership and communications to ensure consistent overall messaging across all mediums.
  • Directs day-to-day operations of marketing function. Manages content development, distribution, and maintenance of marketing collateral to ensure results are achieved on time and within budget.
  • Develop strategies to increase engagement across service lines.
  • Assesses necessary data and information to inform recommendations; involves appropriate administrative, clinical, physician and other leaders in planning and implementation of strategic marketing initiatives.
  • Identifies the need for primary and secondary research to support strategic marketing planning; evaluates and selects research methodologies and resources; incorporates insights into decision-making; tracks and reports results.
  • Monitors and reports on key performance metrics for marketing activities; recommends adjustments.
  • Leads the creation, development and implementation of integrated marketing initiatives and marketing communications programs to drive demand for core services, including program development, promotional campaigns, and marketing events.
  • Works collaboratively with the marketing, communications and brand management teams to integrate traditional methods with web, social, mobile and outreach marketing techniques.
  • Works closely with entire marketing & communications team to diffuse and adopt best practices, leverage expertise and shared resources, avoid duplication of efforts and achieve cost efficiencies.

Brand and Growth Portfolio

  • Supports growth and development of the health system brand; manages service line and sub-brands in accordance with the health system's overall brand strategy and portfolio; assures adherence to brand positioning, identity and experience standards.
  • Works with marketing team, strategic planning and service line leaders to develop and recommend marketing investments to support strategies.
  • Provides counsel and support to administrative and clinical leaders for development of growth strategies and initiatives, enhancing organizational knowledge and understanding of effective marketing practices.
  • Provides team leadership for strategic marketing and creative services staff to support marketing and experience initiatives

Operational Management

  • Provides direction and leadership to management and staff in area of accountability. 
  • Identifies, coordinates and adjusts resources as needed.
  • Regularly tracks and trends data and assesses progress/achievement of agreed-upon performance measures, and provides periodic reports to key stakeholders.  Own marketing metrics and key performance indicators, presenting results to leadership and recommending adjustments and/or solutions.
  • Responsibility for monitoring and adherence to policies and procedures.
  • Ensures effective operations and support for compliance with applicable governing, regulating and accrediting bodies, licensure, laws and regulations.
  • Utilize and manage marketing tools and technologies. 
  • Recommend policies, guidelines, procedures, and systems to improve marketing tools and effectiveness.
  • Make and reassess decisions on an ongoing basis based on personal analysis, judgment, discretion, and experience while also seeking guidance and input from leadership.
  • Displaying knowledge of traditional and emerging marketing tactics and practices.

Organizational Performance Management

  • Responsible for the successful performance of area of accountability.
  • Maximizes the efficiency of processes and actions to support the operations of area of accountability.
  • Sets expectations, assigns accountabilities, and measures performance against expectations in area of accountability. 
  • Develops and monitors action plans to improve performance against expectations in area of accountability.
  • Conducts the affairs and operations of the area of accountability in support of operational excellence.

Marketing Planning

  • Responsible for the development of the Vidant Health's marketing strategy, which promotes, enhances, and protects the organization's brand and reputation.
  • Participates in strategic planning and key operational meetings for service area business units and service lines.
  • Develops and implements an integrated strategic marketing plan to advance the Vidant Health brand; broaden awareness of its programs and priorities; and increase the visibility of its key product lines, facilities and leadership across key stakeholder audiences, while supporting community marketing initiatives.
  • Develop, evaluate, and manage marketing plans, such as customer acquisition strategies, budgets, and deliverables.
  • Supports the formulation of a comprehensive strategic plan by assessing environmental issues, market needs and potential, resource constraints, and opinions and recommendations of key stakeholders. 
  • Regularly assesses progress on plans and achievement of agreed-upon performance measures, and provides periodic reports to key stakeholders. 
  • Collaborates with key stakeholders to develop, implement and sustain an approach to change management.

Team Coordination and Collaboration

  • Facilitates positive relationships and communications between departments and key stakeholders, through various means, such as conducting and attending meetings, rounding, having one-to-one communications, and generally being visible and accessible to colleagues and staff. 
  • Plan and manage cost effective use of staff and resources in meeting organizational needs and services.
  • Evaluate and continuously improve service delivery  through data collection, planning and implementation to meet organizational needs.
  • Demonstrates strong independent judgment and analytical skills to recommend improvements/changes in process.
  • Considers/explores new and creative options to further improve areas of accountability in keeping with strategies and goals.

Financial Management and Viability

  • With the assistance of assigned financial staff, reviews periodic financial statements and reports, and makes changes in resource allocation, spending, and other relevant business activity, to ensure the financial viability and budget compliance.
  • Supports and adheres to the financial controls and related policies and procedures and ensures that administrative and business activities are conducted in support of operational excellence.

Human Resources Management

  • With the support of and in coordination with the Human Resources and Organization Development function, maintains positive personnel relations and strives to be an employer of choice by ensuring that employee questions and concerns are addressed responsively. 
  • Ensures compliance with laws and regulations and adherence to HR/OD policies and procedures. 
  • Ensures that performance management programs are effectively administered and individuals receive on-going feedback and coaching on job performance, competencies, values-based behaviors and developmental needs.  

Compliance and Privacy

  • Ensures that policies and procedures regarding corporate compliance and privacy of patient and employee information are observed. 
  • Exercises due diligence in contracting and other activities with legal risks, and uses the services of the Office of General Counsel as appropriate. 
  • Personally models professional confidentiality and discretion in all communications and exchanges of information. 

Management, Talent and Performance

  • Employ methods of change management to advance the organization by using tools, business processes, budget allocations and operational practices to significantly reshape Vidant Health. 
  • Accountable for a positive organizational culture in conducting business, decision making and performance management to influence work attitudes and enhance job satisfaction.
  • Responsible for the selection, engagement, and development of Staff, inclusive of performance management, professional development, formation, and succession planning.
  • Typically delegates initiatives and projects, may provide operational support.

Values and Leadership Competencies

  • Demonstrates a visible working style, acts in a manner that is consistent with and shows commitment to the values and leadership competencies.

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree or higher required
  • Eight to ten years of experience is required
  • Demonstrated ability to manage, teach, make independent decisions and assume responsibility
  • Strong interpersonal verbal and written communication skills
  • Working knowledge and experience with PC-based applications, i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Futuristic approach to the development of programs/systems that support continuous quality improvement and Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Ability to function as a leader, team member and execute the desired outcomes
  • Must exhibit creative, positive problem-solving abilities
  • Required Abilities:
    • Communicate and work effectively with all levels of staff
    • Consider diverse opinions and incorporate them into the decision-making process
    • Assimilate information from a variety of sources, analyze information, and determines a course of action
    • Think conceptually and apply concepts in a practical application
    • Plan, organize and effectively present ideas and concepts to groups
    • Foster collaboration between multiple parties
  • Proven track record of implementing organization-wide projects
  • Commitment to a high standard of customer service
  • Excellent budget and financial management skills
  • Must be well versed in emerging technologies and marketing evolution
  • Experience within a health care system or similarly matrixed environment

Preferred Requirements

  • Master's Degree preferred

General Statement

It is the goal of Vidant Health and its entities to employ the most qualified individual who best matches the requirements for the vacant position.

Offers of employment are subject to successful completion of all pre-employment screenings, which may include an occupational health screening, criminal record check, education, reference, and licensure verification.

We value diversity and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.   Decisions of employment are made based on business needs, job requirements and applicant’s qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, genetic information and testing, family and medical leave, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or any other status protected by law. We prohibit retaliation against individuals who bring forth any complaint, orally or in writing, to the employer, or against any individuals who assist or participate in the investigation of any complaint.

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