Asthma Case Manager - Health Access - Bertie and Chowan Counties

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Vidant Health

About Vidant Health

Vidant Health is a regional health system serving 29 counties in eastern North Carolina. We are working every day to improve the health of the 1.4 million people we serve. Vidant Health is made up of 8 hospitals, physician practices, home health, hospice, wellness centers and other health care services. Vidant Medical Center is affiliated with the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. As a major resource for health services and education, Vidant Health strives to support local medical communities and to work with providers throughout the region to deliver quality care. Our goal is to enhance services that are available locally and to eliminate barriers involving time, distance and lack of awareness that sometimes prevent patients from receiving the care they need.


  • Develops and facilitates patient services targeting Asthma Management throughout the continuum of care to include inpatient services.
  • Assists with development and implementation of an inpatient optimal care path for pediatric asthma population.
  • Facilitates, reevaluate appropriate and timely patient care regimens.
  • Collaborates with physicians to develop a comprehensive treatment plan (Asthma Action Plan).
  • Assesses pediatric asthma inpatients regarding self management skills and knowledge base of disease.  Provides education and discusses available Hospital community resources to patient and family.
  • Monitors and communicates with physician; patients response to an asthma treatment plan; documents in medical records; complies with all hospital policies, procedures and standards.
  • Coordinates and/or participates in interdisciplinary team conferences to discuss patient care.
  • Facilitates discharge planning services to ease the transition to the home and school setting.
  • Develop educational modules for other health care providers.
  • Participates on appropriate hospital committees or teams as a representative of the Pediatric Asthma Program.
  • Develops and facilitates patient services targeting Asthma Management throughout the continuum of care to include outpatient services.
  • Develops and implements an outpatient referral services.
  • Coordinates referrals for outpatient education and follow-up.
  • Assures home care follow-up services when appropriate.
  • Develops Pediatric Asthma Support Groups.
  • Monitors patients progress and communicates with physicians, teachers, school nurse, and family the patients progress in the outpatient clinic.
  • Collaborate with local pharmacies, DME providers, and reimbursable systems to assure that available equipment and medication resources are available.
  • Provide educational and support services in local physician offices for office staff, patients, and families.
  • Represents VMC and in both Pitt County and in regional referral area to provide needed Asthma Services in the community.
  • Develops and facilitates patient services targeting Asthma Management throughout the continuum of care to include school-based services.
  • Develops and implements a county wide school based program that provides education, screening and advanced clinical assessment that allow for medication modification in asthmatic children.
  • Develop essential forms for program implementation.  For example, screening questionnaire and Asthma Action Plan.
  • Works collaboratively with school nurses and school personnel in implementation of services.
  • Communicates and coordinates with primary care physicians necessary changes for optimal student performance regarding Asthma Management skills and knowledge.
  • Initiates appropriate referrals to other school services.  For example, social work, speech therapy, and guidance counselors.
  • Assures development of treatment plans (Asthma Action Plans) for all students with asthma.
  • Represents VMC and Pitt County School System and in regional school systems.
  • Develops and promotes a standard of care that initiates cost savings and decreases inpatient resource utilization.
  • Attend multidisciplinary Asthma Steering Committee meetings and promotes a consistent method of care for asthmatics.
  • Develops and implements an optimal care path for asthmatics that follows the patient through all aspects of their care.  For example, an asthma optimal care path will follow the child from physicians office, home, school, emergency department, and Inpatient admission.
  • Evaluates and follows up with variances on optimal care paths.
  • Promotes empowerment of patient in self management of their disease.
  • Coordinates and develops Asthma educational services for health care providers, patients, community groups, schools, physicians office, and various students.
  • Provides instruction in Asthma Management and program implementation for school nurses.
  • Provides education to health care providers in hospital, clinics and other settings.
  • Provides education for Respiratory, Nursing, and medical students.
  • Provides education to civic groups to heighten community awareness.
  • Develop standardized educational modules that can be utilized and replicated in various settings.
  • Conducts asthma screenings on individuals in various venues in the community (health fairs, educational classes, etc.)
  • Provides/facilitates community and state wide asthma education.
  • Performs other duties (including appropriate clinical duties) as assigned and approved by Quality Resources Manager.
  • Initiates and/or participates in program development/strategic planning.
  • Assists with planning and development of school-based services, outpatient services, and inpatient services for pediatric patients with asthma.
  • Participates in development and coordination of marketing efforts.
  • Communicates with other units and departments regarding implementation and needed changes regarding comprehensive Pediatric Asthma Services.
  • Assist with data collection for justification of need for continuation and replication of services.
  • Accountable for direct, quality patient care using advanced clinical skill level and knowledge.
  • Utilizes clinical skills and assessments to work autonomously in the outpatient and school settings.
  • Utilizes advanced clinical assessments to communicate with physician needed alterations in patients treatment plans.
  • Utilizes advanced clinical assessments to evaluate effectiveness of changes in patients treatment plans.
  • Demonstrates an ability to use teaching, learning, and counseling skills.
  • Demonstrates an ability to communicate both verbally and in writing effectively.
  • Maintains clinical competence through continuing education participation in professional organizations.
  • Utilize new and/or updated methods in the care of asthma.
  • Able to provide advanced life saving skills in case of emergencies while in inpatient or outpatient settings.
  • Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide service appropriate to the age of the patient.
  • Contributes to service excellence at the unit, hospital, and outpatient level.
  • Supports House Rules of Excellence by incorporating the standards into the daily work behaviors.
  • Integrates continuous quality improvement process into day-to-day functions by accepting responsibility for the quality of individual job performance.
  • Seek opportunities to continuously improve services provided by VMC.
  • Performs as a team member by generating ideas, respecting the opinions of other team members, and supporting the teams recommendations.

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Three to four years related experience

This position will service but not limited to Bertie and Chowan Counties

General Statement

It is the goal of Vidant Health and its entities to employ the most qualified individual who best matches the requirements for the vacant position.

Offers of employment are subject to successful completion of all pre-employment screenings, which may include an occupational health screening, criminal record check, education, reference, and licensure verification.

We value diversity and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Decisions of employment are made based on business needs, job requirements and applicant’s qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, genetic information and testing, family and medical leave, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or any other status protected by law. We prohibit retaliation against individuals who bring forth any complaint, orally or in writing, to the employer, or against any individuals who assist or participate in the investigation of any complaint.

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